Linetime, part of the PracticeEvolve Group, have launched a new Document Bundling feature, offering firms a time saving solution to building large bundles of documents.

Wrapped into the Linetime software itself, the new Document Bundling feature saves firms time when collating different files and formats of electronic documents, with the promise to increase overall productivity within firms. Document Bundling from Linetime provides firms the ability to add files from the software itself without the need to save them to your desktop. Firms can quickly re-order documents and the software will automatically apply cover pages, indexes, automatic pagination and hyperlinking as required by HMCTS. With the addition of incorporating documents and files stored within the electronic matter, and product compliant automation, the launch of this new feature is designed to save lawyers significant time and help their businesses become more productive.

Recently we held a webinar to go through the benefits of Linetime’s Document Bundling package, which included the following:

  • Create a simple bundle (brief)
  • Build PDF Bundle
  • Attach PDF Bundle to Case
  • Different ways to view PDF Bundle
  • Delete item or bundle (brief)
  • Amending exiting bundle (brief)
  • Extra features (Reorder, Rename)
  • Create bundle with sections
  • Ability to rename and reorder sections
  • Export documents
  • Close and reload Brief
Download the Q & A document from the webinar

If you missed it you can now watch the recording here: