Friday 15th July @12:00PM (BST)

Join us where Kirran Tariq will go through examples of different types of workflows which can be created. This demonstration will cover:

  • Workflow 1: File Opening (displays a bespoke screen and auto adds document to Queue)
  • Workflow 2: Generate Transaction using pop up boxes
  • Workflow 3: Generate Transaction using values from a bespoke screen
  • Workflow 4: Generate email
  • Workflow: Generate office copies transaction (Display a question asking end users if they wish to order office copies with/without a plan. Depending on what option is chosen the system will automatically use the correct Charge Table to generate the transaction)
  • Workflow 5: Message displayed on screen
  • Workflow 6: Open a web page (i.e.: Land Registry)
  • Workflow 7: Adding a note to case History

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