Practice Management Software

Linetime’s Liberate solution maximises operational efficiency and minimises time spent on matter management. By offering staff seamless access to real-time case files, client information, and powerful automation within a single solution, law firms can streamline processes, minimise errors, and reduce duplicated workloads.

Experience unparalleled flexibility with Liberate, offering seamless remote access to manage tasks from anywhere, at any time. Effortlessly navigate and swiftly search through your work, ensuring efficient productivity at your convenience. Benefit from a comprehensive suite of features, including unrivalled legal accounting, customisable workflows, Outlook integration, automatic conflict checks, a forms and precedents library, and e-bundling, all within a single, time-saving solution.

Practice Management Software

Effective Case Management

The case management capabilities of Linetime software drives operational efficiency, offering quick access to case files, time-saving productivity tools, enhanced collaboration, and improved levels of service.

Access information with ease – Search, navigate and respond to case files with ease, work remotely and boost productivity by centralising all case information in one place.

Save valuable time – Access tailorable workflows, matter screens, integrations and more to help streamline tasks.

Empower collaborative working – Edit documents in real-time, seamlessly share information with colleagues and clients with Linetime’s user-friendly solution.

Document Management

Centralised access to key documents is essential for staff efficiency. Linetime provides a unified platform to store, edit, and organise legal documents—whether they are in paper form, emails, or SMS—all in one place.

Be naturally organisedEfficiently streamline document filing and time recording within each matter, ensuring immediate capture of billable hours and enhanced productivity.

Create digital bundles with easeEffortlessly create professional document bundles with Linetime’s built-in bundling system.

Access powerful featuresBenefit from Outlook integration, accurate version controls, document preview options, and more.

Community Learning

Customer Relationship Management

Elevate your business with our adaptable CRM solution designed to assist law firms in generating new leads and delivering a service beyond customer expectation.

Develop new business – Access a variety of campaign management tools designed to create and maximise cross-selling opportunities, equipped with built-in cost tracking capabilities.

Understand your business – Providing a top level view of a law firm’s data, Linetime offers valuable insights to business leaders via its dashboards and reporting.

Manage leads effectively – Optimise and manage your business pipeline by efficiently tracking incoming and outgoing business referrals.

Work with accuracy – Empower customers to self-certify their details, facilitating compliance with GDPR requirements.

Able to support any practice area

Due to its fully customisable nature, Linetime’s Liberate solution can serve enterprise law firms whether multi-disciplinary or specialist in its areas of practice.

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