The Legal Practice Productivity Solution

Linetime’s attuned to the needs of enterprise law firms (150+ staff) who employ in-house IT teams, developers and third-party consultants to manage the complex customisations the platforms offers and optimise use of the system. For SME law firms, typically 1-150 staff, we recommend LEAP.

With LEAP, powerful innovation and ongoing development comes as standard, removing the cost, time, and challenges associated with maintaining and developing server-based software in-house.

LEAP offers a suite of productivity features, including document assembly, legal publishing, practice management, and legal accounting in one fully integrated cloud solution helping its customers to stay competitive.

Cloud PMS

Investing £13+ million a year in R & D

LEAP’s cloud product and service is ideally suited to meet the digital requirements of the modern small to mid-sized law firms.

What sets LEAP apart is its dedicated content team of legal professionals who continuously update forms, precedents, and matter types within the software, eliminating the need for own customisations. Other benefits include:

  • Simplified IT – No onsite servers required
  • Automated legal forms, precedents, guides and commentaries
  • A dedicated mobile app
  • Full remote working capabilities
  • Advanced time recording functionality
  • Greater business continuity
  • Integrated online payments and debtor chasing

A highly recommended alternative to Linetime.

LEAP’s the perfect partner to drive efficiency across small to mid-sized law firms, future-proofing practices via cutting-edge cloud technology.

With LEAP and Linetime software no matter what size of practice we provide the solution to achieve the best outcomes for law firms.

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