Law firms require tech that automates, records and reports so accounting is made as simple as possible. As a Practice Management System, Linetime offer the best of breed incorporating the features you expect and more. It’s designed to ensure you manage your business, not the software.

  • ’One click’ billing and scheduled billing to enhance cash-flow
  • Comprehensive Credit Control with built in reporting and customisable procedures at client and matter-level
  • Authorisation workflows
  • Purchase Ledger and Suppliers Database
  • Ready built Financial Reporting

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Linetime Practice Management Software is continually evolving to ensure law firms have the functions and features they require. Download our brochure to find out more.


Law firms use practice management software to achieve smoother workflows and greater efficiency and productivity. Innovative software technology automates records and reports to simplify common business processes, including case, document and account management. Practice management software such as Linetime’s innovative solution allows legal professionals to focus on their business and clients.

A smart example of practice management software is Linetime’s practice management system. We understand that law firms need legal tech that automates reports and records so that processes such as accounting are made as easy as possible, so we offer a comprehensive software solution.

Our smart features include ‘one-click’ and scheduled billing, comprehensive credit control and more. We also provide permanent in-house support — to arrange a demo, simply get in touch with our team today.

A good practice management software solution such as Linetime will come with a range of rich features, including:

  • ‘One-click’ and scheduled billing to improve cash-flow
  • Authorisation workflows
  • Comprehensive credit control with tailored procedures and built-in reporting
  • Built-in financial reporting
  • Supplies database and purchase ledger
  • Automatic time recording
  • Business process automation and integrations

Credit control management refers to a system or strategy within a business that reduces the risk of unpaid invoices. It involves recovering payments and setting conditions and payment terms to enable customers to settle their accounts within an appropriate time frame. Credit control has several goals, including increasing cash flow to the business and reducing bad debt.

A credit management system is used by businesses to manage customer credit accounts. Its functions include assessing risk, determining the level of credit to offer customers, and sending invoices to collect payments. A credit management system effectively prevents late or non-payments — an effective system helps reinforce the business’s financial position.

Credit management software for law firms allows for the tracking and recording of payment arrangements — a good software solution such as Linetime’s practice management software will have comprehensive credit control functionalities, including client and matter level customisable procedures and built-in reporting.

Law firms may use stand-alone accounting software for their financial control purposes or choose a holistic practice management software solution, such as Linetime. Along with being a smart financial reporting software solution with essential credit control and comprehensive billing options, our system allows legal professionals to streamline their fundamental business processes and ultimately work smarter, not harder.

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