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We’re providing firms Cloud hosting for their Linetime software, optimised for Cloud Hosting.

We understand moving to the cloud is a journey. At the same time, you’ll want to ensure you are removing costs that can go straight back to your bottom line. That’s why we’ve introduced EvolveHosting, where we will take on the responsibility to host your servers in Microsoft Azure Cloud.

Our technology roadmap gives you with a clear Pathway for the future, enabling you to take advantage of Cloud hosting as a first step towards a native, browser based cloud solution from Linetime.

Dedicated, optimised and efficient

For many firms, the only managed server they still need to maintain contains their PMS. It makes sense to then move your application to the cloud. Our cloud platform offers powerful dedicated resources and is optimised for efficiency and speed that guarantees a performance of your Linetime software.

In parallel, business requirements including scalability, collaboration, communication and access to the most up to date software features requires fully native based cloud software that is built for the cloud. It’s why we’re introducing new EvolveCloud, our native, fully Cloud based PMS for firms of all sizes.

Secure Access From Anywhere

With Cloud Hosting, it means users can access Linetime from any location. By using Microsoft Azure, we ensure your solution is secure.

Because we can offer Cloud Hosting solutions, it means your firm has even more options with Mobile apps also hosted within a cloud environment. It simply means your business is even more effective.

Limitless Opportunities

Hosted and managed by our parent company, PracticeEvolve, our native Cloud option enables you to take full advantage of tech that is built for the cloud, giving you a cost effective, secure and cost friendly approach to your legal business management software

By choosing EvolveCloud from Linetime you can be sure you’re selecting software that will continue to evolve as your firm and your business needs grow.

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