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We are proud of our debt recovery module which features a 2-way integration with Secure Data Transfer (STD), enabling you to transfer electronic claims and receive information and service dates back to the matter.

The system also issues judgments and warrants electronically, saving you significant time and effort. A smarter solution, as well as making it easy to import bulk data for debt recovery from initial LBA through to enforcement. All you need is an Excel CSV file.

A key feature for all debt recovery is the ability to manage finances, whether it’s calculating late payment interest, compensation fees or more, Linetime handles complicated calculations so you don’t have to. You even have access to an Instalment Monitoring Module, taking the legwork out of checking each individual payment.

When it comes to managing parties. Linetime enables you to apply actions to different parties where they are named together. With brilliant tools including debt allocation profiles, financial balances, and more, Linetime acts as your personal assistant.

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