Ensuring business growth

The length of time taken to process any conveyancing matter is greatly reduced thanks to our software. With unique integrations and features, we support and liaise with our clients.

Our self-serve facility is a portal where updates are automatically placed, keeping your clients informed. Users have the ability to send push notifications to make clients aware of documents that have been added and use the two-way, secure conversation feature to quickly ask or answer client questions.

Used with client connect our powerful form builder, means you can build whatever forms you need within Linetime and utilise them on the portal.
Our deep integration with InfoTrack connects the process from within Linetime, with access to onboarding forms, verification of identity, searches and post-completion tools.

The direct integration means there’s less administrative financial management with all costs being returned immediately to the ledger within Linetime making it easier to manage your firm, not the software.

And to ensure your business continues to grow, use diary workflows which automatically pass information to other departments relating to that client so you can cross-sell additional opportunities.

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