Conveyancing Software

Conveyancing case management

Liberate case management for conveyancing provides everything needed to process sales, purchase and re-mortgage transactions. Plot sales/purchase and Right To Buy work is also supported. A comprehensive library of standard screens, documents and workflows to process the above work types is delivered as standard.

The Liberate conveyancing system is a scalable solution catering equally for individual client work and/or high volume work from introducers and volume lenders.
Efficient workflows – with flexibility

Automation of routine, repetitive functions enables conveyancing tasks to be completed efficiently and to a defined standard. Pre-defined processes also assist risk management and aid compliance.

The generation of standard letters, forms, reminders and SMS client updates can all be easily automated.

However workflows are not ‘set in stone’ and can be modified using the inbuilt Designer software.  Users can modify screens, documents and processes to meet their client’s individual requirements.

Integrated Forms

The Liberate conveyancing system is integrated with electronic forms from both Oyez and Laserform.

E – Conveyancing

The Liberate conveyancing solution integrates seamlessly with NLIS channel provider Searchflow for rapid search request and retrieval.

Improve Client Communication

Online Case Tracking - The optional case tracking system services two distinct types of client.
- The individual requiring access to details of a specific case
- The referrer of bulk work who requires access to information on all of their cases.

Client communication is improved with users having access to transaction ‘milestone’ information and more.

The Online module also includes an integral QUOTATION system.

Link to Financials – No re-posting

The ability to automate the generation and posting of financial and time transactions improves efficiency and accuracy.

Case history - at your fingertips

A full electronic history of all activity is maintained for each case. All correspondence produced is stored, as are copies of all outbound and inbound e-mail. File & Telephone notes, SMS messages and scanned documents can also be held within case history.

The electronic file is instantly available from your desktop - allowing cases to be dealt with efficiently and improving customer service.  No more searching for answers whilst a client waits on the phone.