How can case management software transform your practice

For law firms globally, case management software is essential to running a firm. Case management software offers firms operational efficiency with minimum effort from matter management to workflows.

There are many benefits to implementing case management software, such as:

  • Quick access to information — Give your team quick and easy access to their case files with our matter management software. This provides the flexibility to work on matters anywhere, which is a considerable advantage for lawyers who need to work remotely or travel frequently. Having all case information in one place can also increase productivity, as your team doesn’t have to waste time jumping between different programs.
  • Time-saving — With a comprehensive suite of productivity tools all in one case management solution, users can access workflows, matter screens, integrations and more all from one place.
  • Increased collaboration — From editing documents in real-time to sharing client information, your team can collaborate like never before. Our case management software is also highly user-friendly and allows users to design and customise their data screens, providing flexibility to work on their terms.
  • Data Migrations — Some firms are hesitant to migrate from one case management software to another. At Linetime, while it is likely that we have already migrated data from your current supplier, we still treat each migration as its own project.

Choose Linetime for your case management software

When digital technology became a massive part of our business in 1989, we decided to invest in systems that properly supported law firms. From there, our passion for serving firms and their clients only grew, and we developed our intuitive and innovative case and matter management software.

Our user-friendly and continuously evolving interface is the perfect choice for employees who want to get the most from their software, as they can customise their data screens. Streamline your workflow and save time by integrating other programs, like DocuSign, InfoTrack, and Onpayo, into our software.

Between total visibility over documents and instant status updates on clients, the matter management software with Linetime encourages collaboration no matter where your employees are. Rest easy knowing that if you ever need support with your case and matter management software, our hands-on team is always available to offer advice and training resources.

More than 120 law firms trust Linetime for their legal case management software needs — and we’d love to get you on board too. Contact us today to learn more about our innovative case management software, or download the brochure below.

Customisation is key

With customisation available, Linetime is built to ensure you manage your business, not the software. Our Case Management software is constantly evolving but automates more of the tasks while taking care to manage risk to the firm.

  • Customisable Data Screens – easy-to-use design tools
  • Built-in process-driven, automatic time recording across devices
  • Transaction workflows as standard
  • Clear multi-level authorisation processes
  • Billing integration
  • Off-the-shelf workflows across practice areas to support risk management
  • Client portal to support collaboration and data capture requirements
  • Manage capacity with our team working features

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Linetime Practice Management Software is continually evolving to ensure law firms have the functions and features they require. Download our brochure to find out more.

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