Work from a single system

With access to one, fully searchable system, improve collaboration, speed and accuracy when working.

Accessing real-time information and correspondence organised by electronic matter streamlines processes and eliminates oversights, miscommunication or unnecessary errors.

Linetime’s user-friendly interface is easy to navigate allowing access to vital data, documents, and emails when required. Benefit from:

  • Advanced time recording functionality
  • In-built conflict checking
  • Integrated client onboarding and AML checks
  • A directory to store client, solicitors and third-party contact information digitally
  • Phone / SMS integration
  • Powerful time recording capabilities
  • Off-the-shelf integrations to facilitate matter completion, including postcode lookup, archiving, online payments, searches, and eSignatures
Matter Management

Empower your firm to work smarter

Efficiencies can be achieved by clever technology, Linetime’s wealth of features support the management of matters.

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