Software With Experience

To fully leverage the benefits of Liberate, maximising software usage and achieving user proficiency are essential.

With access to an experienced support team, including client success consultants and development specialists, along with a 24/7 online learning platform, support and advice on system usage, customisation and more is readily available.

Dedicated Support

Driving user competency

To maximise return on investment, firms need satisfied and competent users. Linetime’s Community Learning platform and training webinars offer up to date learning content, our Client Success Consultants provide account management and advice whilst Linetime User Groups provide opportunities for firms to have a say in the ongoing development of the platform.

Work Smarter, Not Harder

From implementation and training to ongoing support we ensure law firms maximise the benefits of the Linetime software.

“Linetime made this happen. Their training and development teams in particular have been excellent. They know the system, work well on site, and manage communications between technical and non-technical people expertly.”

Chris West, Chief Executive Officer, Gillespie Macandrew

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