Bridging the gap between software and service.

Developed with our users in mind, the Community Learning platform incorporates a range of collaborative features, designed to ensure users embrace the future of legal technology and enhance their knowledge of the software they are using.

The platform includes interactive forums to facilitate close collaboration among like-minded legal professionals, as well as a suite of self-paced eLearning courses that further enhance user knowledge across the Linetime product suite.

Community Learning: Join interactive discussion and knowledge-share forums.

Connect and share knowledge with other users via our Community Learning forums. With Community Learning, you can gain insights into how others navigate and make the most of their software experiences. Discover new ways to implement impactful changes to your own work processes.

Community Learning: Accelerate business growth through knowledge base learning.

Take advantage of a cost-effective way to upskill both new and existing users with our Community Learning platform. We provide complimentary access to a wide range of self-paced, in-depth courses, run by our team of subject matter experts who are committed to helping you maximise the potential of your software.

It’s a comprehensive learning experience.

Reap the many rewards of our interactive Community Learning platform, which comes as a complimentary service along with your SOS subscription.

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