Helping Law Firms Do Business

We are entrusted by over 120 law firms to provide legal software for their business.

The magic formula can be found in our approach; to make everything simple for you, your teams and your clients. From the tech to the team who provide training and ongoing support, Linetime means you focus on managing your business, not the software.

We’re constantly evolving the tech we provide to clients. Over time, we have built a number of key features into the technology so everything operates exactly how you operate, allowing you to manage your business, not the software.

Working For Linetime

The Linetime team has a combined 400 years’ of experience! In fact, each person has been with Linetime for an average of 10 years and many have previously worked within law firms across different disciplines. Our experience that lends itself to ensuring projects and training are performed with confidence but it’s our people who make that happen.

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