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Our legal business management software automates and manages processes for operational efficiency.

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Unrivalled in the development of legal case management and accounting solutions, Linetime’s highly adaptable system supports the effective management of legal matters, and provides powerful accounting, credit control and billing functionality to law firms.

An established innovator for over 40 years, Linetime has a reputation of delivering highly functional and easy-to-use software adaptable to the needs of regional, national and multi-site law firms.

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With A Service To Match

At Linetime user-experience is at the heart of both our software and support service. Our dedicated and experienced team maintains the software and works with user firms to ensure the evolving technological demands of their business and staff are met.

Offering core product enhancements and tailored customisations, Linetime’s Liberate solution optimises case management and legal accounting processes. The client success and support teams are on hand to grow software knowledge, providing the necessary training and support to ensure sustained efficiency when delivering legal services.

Supporting enterprise law firms

When choosing a new legal technology partner, establishing complete confidence in the system, its implementation, and ongoing support is paramount.

At Linetime, we ensure law firms achieve optimal efficiency when using our solution. Alongside our knowledgeable client-facing teams are skilled developers and designers on hand to tailor the solution to the needs of your business.

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We believe that software with a service is crucial. But don’t just take our word for it, see what our clients have to say.

Linetime’s training and development teams in particular have been excellent. They know the system, work well on site, and manage communications between technical and non-technical people expertly. The rapid installation was outstanding and is a real tribute to Linetime’s commitment and approach and to the engagement of our team members.

Gillespie Macandrew, Chief Executive Officer

Without this technology, we wouldn’t be the practice we are today. We wouldn’t be the size we are without the technology, we wouldn’t be as efficient as we are and we’d not be able to offer as many services as we do.

Hay & Kilner, Partnership Secretary

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When selecting a legal technology partner you need to consider the needs of your practice.

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A case management system is a software application that helps legal professionals manage their cases. The online system can be used to track deadlines, filings, and other important case-related information. It can also help lawyers collaborate on cases and share documents as relevant.

Legal professionals use case management systems to improve their productivity and efficiency. The systems can help lawyers keep track of their cases, create to-do lists, and set reminders for upcoming deadlines. Case management systems can also help lawyers share documents and remotely work on cases together.

Cloud-based legal practice management software enables a smoother workflow for law firms. It integrates and automates legal practices’ front and back-office activities, including calendar management, scheduling, case management, conflict checking, messaging, and more. Cloud-based legal management software can be used from any location and device without the need for additional plugins or software installation.

There are multiple advantages of using Cloud-based legal practice management software. Some of these essential benefits include:

  • Heightened productivity — Legal management systems can help law firms stay up-to-date with modern technological advancements, allowing them to work smarter. It enables firms to provide better services to their clients by automatically logging time for every activity. This will help reduce time otherwise lost to admin and help increase productive outcomes across your cases.
  • Streamlined management — A key benefit of adapting Cloud-based legal practice management software is the built-in smart business features that enable legal firms to manage their team and workflow better. It enables efficient integration of other tools such as Office 365, iManage, InfoTrack, Big Hand, and more.
  • Empowering collaboration — The software offers a highly efficient platform to collaborate remotely with other team members and clients. It helps reduce workload by automating tasks such as, re-entering data from paper forms and improving accuracy in legal paperwork. It also helps clients receive direct case updates and view documentation directly from their smart devices.
  • Increased cashflow — Cloud-based legal management software automates the time recording process, which reduces overall write-offs in the legal process. It also streamlines other financial operations, including billing and authorisation. This helps reduce administration bottlenecks to support and increase profitability.

Linetime is one of the leading providers of legal software in the UK. With over 120 law firms having entrusted us to provide their automated tools and software, we have built a magic formula to help you focus on your business — and not the software. Our legal technology experts are continuously developing more ways to provide ongoing support and streamline processes for your team and clients. If you have any questions or want to book a legal management system demo, contact our team today.

Service is often provided in the form of a support agreement, at Linetime however, we offer added value services as well as software, which ensure users maximise the full potential of our feature-rich system. Access to Community Learning means users are able to understand all facets of the software, with our Client Success Consultants there to help plan a long term evolution into how the software is implemented within your firm. Improving overall efficiency.

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